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These are my unedited notes I’ve kept while creating the latest version of AED Sim. They contain spelling mistakes and grammar errors. I’m posting them to help give people an idea of what goes into to building apps as the process for non-developers is quite opaque.

Jun 8

Jun 7

Jun 6

Jun 5

Jun 4

Jun 3

Jun 2

Jun 1

May 30

May 28 - 29

May 27

May 2023

AED Sim started way back in 2010 when I was working as paramedic for BC Ambulance Service and volunteering as a fire fighter.

I was frustrated when teaching CPR to other members of the fire department about the lack of AED trainers because of their costs. These devices look like AEDs but are essentially toys yet they cost hudreds of dollars.

At this time I jsut received an iPhone 3GS and realized I could create simulator on the phone that would get most of the benefit of training without almost none of the cost.

The app launched as iDefibrillate using the trendy at the time “i” prefix. The name hasn’t aged well so when it was time to do a much needed update I’ve renamed the app as the more practical AED Sim.

Sometime in 2010

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